Who Rules Iran?: The Structure of Power in the Islamic Republic (Englisch)

Taschenbuch – 31. Dezember 2000

This volume analyses the contemporary religious-political dual power relationship in Iran, prospects for it evolution and what the sharing of power between theocrats and technocrats means for the country’s future stability.

Zitate aus Buchrezensionen der deutschen Presse und internationalen Politikfachmagazinen

„An invaluable book for anyone who wants to know who‘s who in Islamic Iran, sort out the various governing institutions, look up Iranian election results, learn about the various opposition groups inside Iran and beyond, and more. At the same time, the book is more than just a handy reference tool. It is also a very readable study of modern Iran that assesses Iran’s maze of power centers, the Iranian opposition, and finally the ingoing power struggle from 1997 to 2000 between the moderates and fundamentalists. … .“

Foreign Affairs, November/December 2000 by Professor L. Carl Brown, Princeton University.